‘They did this to her on her wedding day???”: 20+ Makeup artists who botched their client’s faces

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Makeup is so powerful. It transforms people into beautiful works of art, with careful application of foundation, lipstick, and mascara. But not all makeup artists are equally good at creating cute lewks. 

Especially on this page, r/badMUAs, people highlight the work of some makeup artists who definitely ruined their clients’ look. The page bans any makeup that’s not done by professionals, so every look you see here was paid for by some poor sap. Some makeup professionals just can’t get the right shade match (‘Why does she look so orange?’), while others cannot blend an eyeshadow look to save their lives. And of course, some looks are way worse than others. Plus, some women get their makeup done for their wedding or an important event…only to find out their makeup artist is inexperienced. 

Keep scrolling to check out these streaky makeup messes, and click here to discover more funny articles. 

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