The Best Tea Tree Shampoo is a Scalp Savior

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We rounded up the best tea tree shampoo, because we’ve long sung the praises of tea tree oil. It’s a superhero ingredient for a variety of skin and hair care products, because the essential oil is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory; it has been used for centuries in remedial practices to promote wound healing, calm swelling, reduce odor, and neutralize both bacteria and fungus.

One of our favorite ways to deploy tea tree oil is in a shampoo. That’s because the best tea tree shampoos do all of the above, but for your scalp. Which means tea tree can be the secret ingredient in preventing dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It is also believed that, as an extension of this tempering, tea tree oil in turn promotes hair growth (since it has made the growth environment of the scalp more ideal for healthy, fortified growth). On top of all that, tea tree oil’s ability to balance oil production can also prevent a buildup of sebum atop the scalp, which is music to many ears. And it smells amazing—no small thing. 

Read on to learn about the best shampoos with tea tree oil, and be sure to check out our other favorite tea tree products for skin and hair alike.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo Overall

Giovanni’s beloved shampoo boasts a roster of our favorite ingredients: tea tree oil, of course, for its antimicrobial and oil-balancing benefits (goodbye flake, itching, and grease); aloe for its soothing and calming properties; plus peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary to cool, clarify, and condition. 

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Preventing Dandruff

This aloe- and tea tree-packed shampoo is giving serious comfort and calm to the scalp, by neutralizing any buildup of fungus and bacteria (the former of which is the main culprit behind dandruff and itching). Use it on the hair and scalp after a long day in the sun, too, to cushion your dome from any UV exposure.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Fine or Thinning Hair

While it’s not in the top spot on this list, this is without question the top brand in the tea tree hair care category. Paul Mitchell’s team has made a line of products targeting different hair types, while incorporating the scalp-balancing benefits of tea tree oil. Here’s one for thin and fine hair (and progressively thinning hair at that). It uses thickening agents to plump the strands (without parching them), while that key ingredient creates a more harmonious growth environment for those follicles.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Curly and Coily Hair

Tea tree oil doesn’t get the top billing in this detangling shampoo (targeting the most curly and coily of hair types, so it will surely work for all curls). However, even though red palm oil and cocoa butter get the bigger shout outs for their detangling powers, tea tree oil swoops in simultaneously for a scalp-balancing finish.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Thick and Straight Hair

This shampoo softens thick, coarse hair, and also adds nourishment and a smoothing finish to straight and dry strands. If you find that your hair is described as uncooperative but it isn’t curly, then here’s a ‘poo for you.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Scalps

The top-tier salon favorite Kevin Murphy has one of our favorite tea tree shampoos with this scalp-balancing blend. Not only does it temper oil production for overactive scalps, but it also pumps moisture and frotifying amino acids back into the strands. it’s a great pick for color-dyed hair, too.

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo on a Budget

Tea tree and witch hazel provide a potent oil-balancing punch in OGX’s affordable shampoo, while peppermint simultaneously soothes the scalp. Who said you have to spend top dollar to get all these benefits?

The Best Tea Tree Shampoo for Multitaskers

While we aren’t usually proponents of a multitasking shampoo-conditioner, we aren’t as against a dual shampoo-body wash. So, as long as you still add a conditioning step to your hair care regimen after washing with this terrific shampoo, we’ll allow its deployment as a shampoo-body wash (a lot of your body could benefit from the antimicrobial benefits, after all).


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