The Best Argan Oil Shampoo Offers Strength and Shine in Equal Measure

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In the grand hierarchy of grooming ingredients, argan oil ranks near the very top. Why? Well, the best argan oil shampoo can act like a cleansing and conditioning twofer, nurturing your hair and scalp while washing away grime and buildup.

These days, you can find argan in everything from body oils to hair oils, conditioners to stylers, but it plays a different kind of role in shampoo form. With any type of cleanser, the product doesn’t linger in the hair or scalp for enough time to adequately measure its long-term nourishing benefits, so absorption isn’t really part of the conversation. (That’s also why shampoos formulated for thinning hair should be purely supplemental in your hair-retention efforts, even if they lean on anti-shedding ingredients.) Instead, it’s best to asses a cleanser in terms of its ability to refresh your scalp and strands without dehydrating and depleting them—and leave the long-term nourishment to your conditioner and any scalp or hair treatments you use on the regular.

Argan oil’s quick-absorbing nature is less consequential in a shampoo since the product is going to be rinsed away. But that doesn’t render argan oil shampoos ineffective—far from it. In the minutes-long window you’re scrubbing down your scalp, the ingredient still has plenty of time to work its magic, so a shampoo made with argan oil will help hydrate and nourish your mane through its presence alone. Plus, all those nourishing superpowers put a lot less stress on your conditioner, which can then be deployed to fortify the hair and scalp, rather than resuscitate it from its scorched, scaly status. 

Convinced yet? We figured you might be. So we went deep on our very favorite argan oil shampoos, broken out by category for a variety of different hair types. 

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo Overall

Argan oil is made by cold-pressing Morocco-native argan tree kernels; it’s often called “Moroccan nut oil”—or just plain “Moroccan oil”—for that reason. So it’s no surprise that Morroccanoil is a front-runner in the field, with a variety of different shampoos designed for different hair needs. The most universal of the brand’s superb assortment is this hydrating option, which revives even the driest strands: rinsing with it whenever you wash your hair is like building a thoroughly nourished foundation for your regimen to rest on.

The Best Drugstore Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil can spruce up even the most synthetic formulas (which tend to be significantly less costly than the competition). While it’s a supporting ingredient in ODX’s recipe, it’s present enough to give your hair a healthy shine after rinsing.

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Thick Hair

Where other shampoos render your mane untenable, L’Oréal’s smooths and defrizzes unruly strands. Plus, you’ll get a healthy, shiny coat to layer your conditioner or leave-in treatment on after you’re done.

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Fine or Thinning Hair

This Argan oil shampoo uses 15 different active ingredients—including a follicle-stimulating one that creates the optimal growth environment for your most susceptible strands—with noticeably shimmering results. 

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Curly or Wavy Hair

If your hair skews finicky and fragile, Pure Nature’s ultra-hydrating argan oil shampoo is for you. (It’ll also help your curls really pop by locking in hydration.) Chase it with a conditioning agent of your choice for the best bounce of your life.

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Scalp Health

Head & Shoulders puts argan oil to use in tandem with jojoba to give your strands and scalp some extra nourishment. The real X factor here, though, is the pyrithione zinc, an ingredient that helps temper and prevent dandruff, but can also render hairs dry in its wake. But thanks to argan’s presence, your will mane stay soft despite the active toning.

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Dyed Hair

Argan oil is a color-safe ingredient for color-dyed hair, and it can cleanse strands without further drying or parching them. Attitude’s recipe also contains oat extract for extra soothing. 

The Best Argan Oil Shampoo for Damaged Hair

No matter how your hair sustained its damage, Shu Uemera’s argan-, ceramide-, and Vitamin E-packed shampoo will give it a deep cleanse without leaving it susceptible to further injury. 

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