Does Your Hair Need A Detox? Here’s How To Tell + What To Use

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You may hear the names detox shampoo and chelating shampoo too, as they’re all used in generally the same context in casual conversation. While they’re both starkly different from your typical run-of-the-mill shampoo, the true definition of detox shampoo is technically slightly different from clarifying shampoo.

“The main difference lies in the active ingredients in each formula—hair detoxes often rely on natural extracts and oils to remove buildup, while clarifying shampoos typically contain synthetic ingredients such as silicones and sulfates,” certified trichologist, celebrity stylist, and founder of scalp-first hair care brand Act+Acre Helen Reavey tells mbg.

However, when it comes to clean and sustainable beauty, the two are often used interchangeably. To be frank, there are definitely “clarifying shampoos” out there with zero silicones or sulfates, and there are definitely “detox shampoos” that contain those additives. To sum up, don’t get too caught up in the language.


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