Luciana Litizzetto shocked the whole of Italy live!

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Who makes the heart of Fabio Fazio’s “partner” beat? A few clues: he is cultured, charming, and we often see him on TV…

Luciana Littizzetto has been a regular and welcome presence on Italian television for more than thirty years. From her beginnings in La tivù delle bambini and Cielito Lindo to her long association with Fabio Fazio in Che Tempo Che Fa, which has lasted for almost 18 years, we can say that she is one of the cornerstones of TV.

His humor has many admirers but also many detractors, for the language used but also for the issues addressed. But Luciana can count on a hard core not only of fans among viewers but also behind the scenes of the small screen: in addition to Fazio, also Maria De Filippi in C’è posta per te.

Compared to other television colleagues, she is almost never at the center of gossip, thanks also to the typical reserve of the Turinese, although some salient points of her life are in the public domain: for example the long relationship with David Grazianoformer drummer of the Turin group Africa Unite and the two children that the couple had in custody, Vanessa and Jordan.

Luciana Littizzetto and Davide Graziano have been linked for about twenty years but in 2018 the relationship ended. Nothing has been officially known about the sentimental life of the comedian actress but the well-informed say that today there is another man at her side. He too is a well-known face on TV.

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He would be next to Luciana Littizzetto today Andrea Zaloneactor and television author, for years a collaborator of Maurice Crozzawith whom we have seen him interact both in Crozza Italia and in Fratelli di Crozza, where he has the role of “voiceover”, from time to time an extra (he was Crozza-Napolitano’s “corazziere”) or journalist.

For some time Andrea Zalone has been compared to Luciana Littizzetto, from Turin like him: precisely since August 2020 when the actress on holiday in Salento posted a photo of her holiday on Instagram with the caption “Leave me here” and tagging Zalone, who in the same period he posted various photos from Salento on his Instagram.Andrea Zalone with Maurizio Crozza –

The truth

Neither Luciana Littizzetto nor Andrea Zalone have ever publicly confirmed or denied that there is a relationship between them: too shy to admit it or too amused by the chatter they caused? Unless confirmations from the two interested parties, the one about Zalone and Littizzetto remains a gossip.

In fact, he is still married to the actress and voice actress Germana Paquero, with whom he had his son Tommaso: he called her “my wife” in an interview with La Repubblica in 2021 and, also in this case as good Turinese, there there have been statements about an effective separation neither from him nor from her.

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