TravelSafe travel insurance review 2022

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TravelSafe Insurance is a travel insurance company that’s been around since 1971. It has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and is one of the last privately owned and operated travel companies in the nation. It offers two primary coverages: travel insurance for travelers and for golfers. While its policies differ by state, you can find all the information you need in this review. 

Travel insurance plans from TravelSafe

TravelSafe has two main policies for those seeking travel insurance: travel insurance for stateside and international travelers and travel insurance for those who are planning golf trips. For each policy type, travelers can choose between classic and basic coverage. And golfers can choose between GolfSafe Secure and GolfSafe Secure Plus.

Here’s how the two TravelSafe travel insurance plans stack up in terms of what’s included and coverage limits:

TravelSafe also offers specific golf insurance plans, which is something incredibly unique among travel insurance companies. If you’re an avid golfer, purchasing golfing insurance will cover things like lost holes, something regular travel insurance won’t.

Ensure you check your state’s particular benefits, but TravelSafe’s golf insurance plan benefits are as follows:

Additional coverage options from TravelSafe

If you’re concerned about getting sick on your trip, you can purchase travel medical insurance with TravelSafe (partnering with Trawick International). You can purchase up to 180 days of coverage. As part of this package, you can choose your deductible, policy maximums, and primary or excess coverage. 

How much does travel insurance from TravelSafe cost?

The short answer is it depends. 

A domestic trip that costs you approximately $2,500 will be around $100 for a single traveler for the TravelSafe Basic plan and $130 for the Classic plan. 

But if you’re traveling internationally, the cost will be more. A trip that covers multiple countries for two weeks and costs approximately $5,000 will cost you $200 for the Basic plan and $265 for the Classic plan. These premiums are in line with the average cost of travel insurance, which will generally be between 4-8% of the total trip cost.

How do I file a claim with TravelSafe?

You have several options if you need to file a claim for TravelSafe.

If you need emergency help, you can call their toll-free numbers below.

Toll-free (US-only)1-877-539-6729


If you’re international, call the following toll-free number: 1-866-509-7713

Compare TravelSafe vs Faye

Faye is a completely digital travel insurance company. Unlike TravelSafe, Faye completely covers all cruise travel. Faye doesn’t cover golf trips as TravelSafe does. They have similar amounts of coverage, but Faye is about $20 cheaper for its comparable international plans.

Faye covers your trip, your health, and your belongings just like TravelSafe does. But with Faye, you can add different things that meet your needs, like car rental, extreme sports, and pet care.

Compare TravelSafe vs World Nomads

TravelSafe is an excellent option if you’re traveling and participating in regular activities, like trying different foods and basic activities, like taking a train to places. But if you want to do extreme sports, it might not be the right coverage for you. Instead, consider getting a travel insurance plan like World Nomads. World Nomads covers over 100 different extreme sports, and you can specifically add on different sports that you want to try. It’s a better coverage insurance plan for someone who’s a little bit more adventurous. 

That said, if you’re only planning on doing a specific activity, like golfing, TravelSafe has a plan for you. They cover golfing trips specifically with more coverage than World Nomads.

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Some credit cards, especially travel rewards cards, come with travel benefits such as primary rental car insurance for your vehicle if you decide to rent one. However, travel insurance is generally more comprehensive than credit card coverage. For example, TravelSafe offers benefits like death and dismemberment coverage; credit cards don’t typically cover this benefit. 

However, you can use both your credit card benefits and your travel insurance to get the fullest coverage possible.


For this review, we made sure to include the most updated information and pulled real-time quotes from TravelSafe’s website. We compared two different companies that had similar coverage to TravelSafe to ensure the best review possible. We only included reputable plans. And we looked at factors like what’s covered, policy limits, and coverage options.

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