5 Genius Tips for How to Get Glowing Skin

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1. Try a microcurrent treatment.

If your hands aren’t cutting it, try a microcurrent device. “When my complexion looks dull ­after a long flight or late night, I use the ZIIP ­device, which delivers electric currents into your skin,” says April Long, a beauty editor and contributor. “Twelve minutes leaves my face luminous and much firmer.” Other Glamour editors swear by the NuFace and Foreo Bear for similar results. 

2. DIY a hydrating mask.

When it comes to exfoliation and blemish fighting, skip the DIY route and go with products made by pros. But if it’s hydration you’re after, you can whip up a moisturizing mask in your own kitchen. “I have a great DIY at-home mask recipe for dry winter skin,” says celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas. “It contains yogurt, which is an anti-inflammatory with a lactic acid component, and avocado, which I recommend for any skin type because it has lots of B vitamins and fatty acids. I also add a little honey for hydration.” 

Mix a half cup of plain yogurt, half of an avocado, and a quarter cup of honey together, then leave it on your face for 20 minutes. “It’ll really transform your skin,” she says.

3. Use toner before serum or moisturizer.

Using a great moisturizer is a no-brainer for getting glowing, healthy skin, but what you use before it is just as important: toner. Toners get a bad rep for either doing nothing or totally stripping your skin, but the new generation is essential for hydrating and prepping your skin. “Think of it as a glass of water for your skin,” says Nachi Click, owner of Mist Beauty. “Serums and creams can penetrate deeper if your skin is hydrated.” Shop some of our favorites below, and see here for some of the best toners we can’t live without. 

4. Add vitamin C to your routine.

Ask any skin expert, and they’ll recommend a vitamin C serum for radiant skin. “Apply five drops of vitamin C serum underneath SPF each morning to target free radical damage, help lighten dark spots, and even out your skin tone,” says Natalie Smyth, an influencer and skin-care expert. See some of our favorites below, or click here for more of the best vitamin C serums. 

5. Binge-mask.  

While most of us might save a sheet mask for a special occasion or spa night, when your skin is acting particularly finicky, consider making it a daily thing. “When my face looks blah, I’ll do sheet masks like St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask for seven days straight,” says Violet Grey beauty director Maureen Choi. “It has a compounding effect of hydrating and smoothing that delivers a crazy glow by week’s end.” 

6. Try microneedling.

It sounds scary, but an in-office microneedling treatment can do wonders for acne and dullness. If it’s super-glowy skin you’re after, dermatologist Annie Chiu, M.D., recommends a procedure like the Aquagold Fine Touch, which combines microneedling with a hyaluronic acid filler injection “to give you a dewy, hydrated appearance while stimulating new collagen production.” If an in-office treatment is cost-prohibitive (sessions can range from $300 to $600), you can also try at-home microneedling. 

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