The year’s most remarkable architectural photos revealed

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The year’s best architectural photographs have been revealed, highlighting the beauty of sleek geometry, abstracted silhouettes and industrial textures from around the world.

On Wednesday, organizers of the Architectural Photography Awards 2022 announced more than 20 finalists in categories including interiors, exteriors and buildings in use. All of the shortlisted entries will be exhibited at the forthcoming World Architecture Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

Entries were judged on “composition, use of scale and the photographers’ sensitivity to atmosphere,” according to the press release.

Paul Finch, program director of the World Architecture Festival (WAF), said in a statement that “now that ‘everyone’s a photographer,’ the importance of good architectural photography has increased.” The award, in its 10th year, is an “annual reminder of how architectural photography can enhance our understanding of design, rather than merely recording what is there,” he added.

Winners of this year’s competition will be announced in December at the World Architecture Festival.

Scroll through the gallery above to see photos from 2022’s shortlist.

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